Denise R. Weuve

Ink Damage and Other Permanent Stains

Please Forgive This Interruption From Your Regularly Scheduled Poetry Talk

Men please stop shaving your stubble off.

Call it your 5 o’clock shadow. Laziness embodied. Scruff. Identity hider.  Intrigue builder.  I just don’t care.  It is sexy.  PERIOD.

Studies show that men with 1-2 day hair growth are considered more attractive to majority of women .  Link Here.  The best advise is right here

“This study means nothing. Nothing reached significance, and the only thing it probably did is make a bunch of female undergrads fulfill their psych 101 requirement.

But I think there is another lesson to be gleaned here, and that, oh men, is the lesson of the ruggedness of the 5 o clock shadow. If that soul patch isn’t getting you ladies and your stalker ‘stache has let you down, maybe it’s time to try for a little less is more. Less shaving, a little more stubble.”

Look I’ve seen the articles about how men with stubble/beards are psychologically hiding something, but I don’t care. Maybe the truth is women who like it are hiding something themselves.

Studies or not, there is something to be said about that 1-3 day hair growth. In my opinion, besides being sexy as hell, it shows strength, manliness that is perhaps lost in a world of metro sexual behaviors that bewilders. For me it is masculinity. A man who will be more concerned with spending what he does with his time, and who he spends it with, then how pretty he is in the process.

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