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The Closest This Poet Will Get To The Beach

At Gatsby Books there was a Bank Heavy monthly poetry reading. The features were really good. G Murray Thomas read. Not only a great guy but a really strong writer. I actually used one of his poems when I did the love poetry unit with my creative writing class (because it was not what one would expect and that was what made it so great). Furthermore he is the reason I started getting back into poetry reading and seriously considering an MFA program. I spent so much time forgetting the things I loved, that it was nearly shocking to recall that there was still a world that loved what I did.

The open mic was weird for me oddly enough. I’m use to reading in front of people, not that I am calloused, I always get light butterflies, just a weird moment that fades when I stand in front of a crowd, but it did not fade for this reading. I actually realized, at one point, I was shaking, and so it became worse. I never got back to my seat so quickly after I read. It wasn’t that the poems sucked, though I truly think Suits After 5 needs work, it was something else. Somewhere it lies in the Mermaids poem. What happened that it became about Jim? Haven’t thought about him, his black cross tattoo, or Sunday drunks in ages. But these lines:
I cannot explain
her turn to the waves,
nor can I promise
no other woman
will wake mid dream
dehydrated, feel her legs
unfold like fins, and not
run for any shore
that isn’t yours.

and he was in the room waiting for me to finish so he could say, “do I really deserve that?”
Maybe it is way simpler than that. Perhaps I miss my poetry buddy Timmy. No one to read with, evaluate with, and leave with. So it was harder to rad without support.
Or it was Jim. . .

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3 thoughts on “The Closest This Poet Will Get To The Beach

  1. That sounds like such an exciting experience. I’ve never been to a poetry open mic before. I’d like to, but I can’t seem to find one in my area. Perhaps I should make one myself! 😛

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