Denise R. Weuve

Ink Damage and Other Permanent Stains

Hazy Red Velvet Afternoons

The birthday has come and gone and so it is. I wanted to do a recap of the year. List the people I met: the good (poetry crew, timothy, katherine, etc), the bad (joe, david, johnny, mayur-damn it Mayur I so didn’t want your peacock ass on this list). Maybe recount the hurt shuffled out and the joys I pulled from magician’s trick decks only to watch them disappear, but it can wait until the year end. That is when I should get reflective, not now.

No instead I shall talk about pancakes. light and fluffy, and delicious. Red velvet. I have wanted these forever and a million days after that. they were delicious and came with breakfast tacos. It was indeed the highlight of my birthday. I even ate the leftover (part deux, as I refer to them, because I never eat leftovers) pancakes as a cake earlier this morning.

I find it strange that the person who has hurt me the most in the past year, is also the person that has made me the happiest. He literally did not let me down, made me happy. He remains the placebo effect in my life, completely unexplainable.

However in the end the day was light, fluffy, sweet, and deliciously delightful. He always seems to leave with my gratitude.

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