Denise R. Weuve

Ink Damage and Other Permanent Stains

Possessed Printer

Look at that I’m even use alliteration in my titles. Tell me I’m not a poet deep in my marrow.

So last night’s reading was good. Really good. Some of the opens were great as well, which was nice. Unfortunately, not being the magnificent John F. Buckley and I cannot give a recount of who read what. I do know Daniel read a grammar poem about Pancho, and for me the genius was when teaching English the grammar books always try to hit every culture they can, as not to leave anyone out. Now in my school text there is a whole pronoun section on identifying antecedents and to help the students they use a paragraph about a Japanese girl, Yoshiko, and her tea house/garden. Hello Holt textbooks??? Thanks for being PC, you know as PC as a Japanese tea house/garden is. May I congratulate you on showing restraint and not including the Koi pond.

As for me, reading was okay. I have to say I hate my wi-fi printer, that thing is truly possessed. I printed three poems in a row and surprise, it refused to print the second poem, Abel. I have come to the conclusion that my printer is a Catholic, and does not appreciate my sacrilegious poetry. So if i want the printer to perform I must only about butterflies, flowers, and wine. I don’t think I have a solitary poem that covers those categories. Is there a heathen printer store I can go to? I think that is where I belong.

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