Denise R. Weuve

Ink Damage and Other Permanent Stains

Insomnia, My Sweet Friend

It’s hot.  That shall be my excuse tonight for why we meet again in this darkened bedroom, where sleep still cannot find me. I thought of inducing sleep with my pink non placebo ovals, but only want to use them for emergencies.
Besides insomnia, you have  with me on so many restless nights listening to the traffic whizzing by (three stories below) Pacific Coast Highway, why would I dessert you now?
Because tonight isn’t racked with the sadness of a lover’s exit, the anticipation of a sisters fourth attempt at rehab, or waiting to hear if a friend’s t-cell count has dropped.
No tonight insomnia, we will walk hand in hand until one of us trips into dreamland. I bet it will be you, you already talk about skipping through wild flower fields and cartoon sheep as if they were sedating lullabies. I’ll watch you slumber and have breakfast ready by 7am.

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