Denise R. Weuve

Ink Damage and Other Permanent Stains

The Value of Numbers

I love students.
I love that today a student walked into my class and Stephen Colberted me the RNC platform dead pan, and when I knew what he was doing and begun agreeing throwing out the tea party platform, he said, “Women have opinions? Isn’t there a bunt cake you should be Making?”
I love that students are sitting at my door in the morning like cats waiting to be let in, after a night of wandering, with debris stuck in their fur. If I bother to pull a piece and exam it an entire other life would unfold at my feet.
I love that they enter high school scared freshmen afraid of getting lost navigating buildings, teachers, and classwork then leave as scared Seniors afraid of getting lost in society, bosses, and finding a career.

I hate being told only API counts.
I hate that the administration finds it appropriate to list average CST by teachers for the department to compare and compete.
I hate that the administration values scores more than the individual student.
I hate that when they list achievements at the school they list scores, sports, band, but forget the fact that 32 students were published or won money last year, or discuss the drama department.
I hate that they can turn an UC approved Creative Writing alternative English class into an elective on a whim.
I hate that art, which only comes from individualism, cannot be expressed in a mandatory state test therefore it is devalued.
I hate that the education system is only a microcosm of the world.

But at least I have the Republican Party. They won’t lie to me and pretend art matters, they simply cut those funds and run on a platform that tells me so.

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