Denise R. Weuve

Ink Damage and Other Permanent Stains

We Need To Talk

WE-it’s supposed to be beautiful. The threading of two. Bringing individual pieces together to create something far more powerful. Something that couldn’t be on it’s own.
NEED-basic. survival. Not a want that can be selfish and thoughtless. A foundational necessity.
TALK-communication of ideas, dreams, desires. Sharing what you believe, know, understand, or simply a story. Or a story that can turn to into laughter, memories, and reasons.

Strung together they can become earthquakes. Rattle the ground you stand on, shift everything you believed in, move your life in a direction you never intended, or teach you the definition of loss in all it’s forms.

Those measly words with no negative connotation when separated into individuals yet destructive when linked together.

Doesn’t matter who it comes from, the doctor with news your kidneys have failed, your mother with news your father won’t be returning, the lover who needs to tell the truth, the boss down sizing, or the friend who looks more beaten then you as he crushes your hopes, maybe your heart.

I know in the end as much as I hate that phrase, it is the brick foundation I have been built on, so I wouldn’t want then wasted on anyone else.

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