Denise R. Weuve

Ink Damage and Other Permanent Stains

When You Tangle with a Poet

You should simply be pitied. Life will never quite be the same. It will be chronicled in 20 line snippets, if you are lucky, that is. Just know that for every piece of a poet’s heart you chip away they will suck out a portion of your soul, inhale long enough to feel the essence you leave behind penetrate their nervous system. With reflex possessed fingers they will send your soul onto the page in rhythmic words that never let you forget the cadence of their heart against yours.

It’s a gift that needn’t be delivered on your birthday or arbor day. this gift is overnighted when sleep is the enemy. Printed 6 months later and left like forget-me-nots on a tombstone of what one was.

Be grateful for the immortality you now bathe in, but never get cocky and believe every poem is yours. There were others that have chiseled away the poet’s heart before you, and others that will follow. How else would it be so small?

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