Denise R. Weuve

Ink Damage and Other Permanent Stains

Don’t Let The Sick Write Poems

Useless Information

I am filled with it-
Copious amounts of nothing.
Eye shadow originated in 4000 BC
when some strange Egyptian
crushed iridescent beetle shells
to a coarse powder
turning it into glitter
covering soot filled eyelids
to bat relentlessly at men
until they saw stars.
In 14th century England they fucked
taken from the old English word fokken
meaning to beat against
the thin line between anger and love
completely erased.
heartburn has been around since 3500 BC.
The Sumerians could not stand
acid turning their souls so
they started with peppermint leaves,
then milk and finally baking soda
gave easement into their dreams
’til morning came.
And then in the early 1900s
S.I. Russell created an electric blanket.
Its intent to keep the sickly warm
when love ones were gone,
when the sick found no comfort
in wrapping themselves in their own arms
or when watching stars in blackened skies
only made them colder.
And the only useless information
that I wish I did not know
I still love you.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Let The Sick Write Poems

  1. I love all the references to ancient civilizations 🙂

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