Denise R. Weuve

Ink Damage and Other Permanent Stains

It Can’t Always Be About Me. . .

Or at least it shouldn’t be.
So I have decided to feature other poets, famous, infamous or on the cusp of either. Only requirement: They had to write something that made me stop and catch my breath.

We start with a gentlemen I discovered this morning as one poem lead to another and then another and then another and then to United States Painted on Asphalt.

United States Painted on Asphalt
By Jared Harel

Whoever designed this,
separating states
into pale-yellow, pine-green,
decided to divide us
with a volleyball net, a taut
incision clear across Kansas,
North and South
at it yet again. He (or she)
plastered this metaphor
across an inner-city schoolyard
where a weary boy
weeps over Jersey,
having scraped his elbow
in Pittsburgh, I think.
Yes whoever made this
is in some way responsible
for the troubles of our land,
for the battle breaking
out between Texas
and Louisiana, where both
children yelled Mine!,
crashed into each other,
and the soft white globe
plunged into the Gulf.

Yes that is the poem (I caught on Poetry Daily but I’m sure had birth elsewhere) that brought me to Jared Harel’s website. Here I found links to a few poems that I had not already happened upon and most importantly news of his chapbook The Body Double, which can be purchased here.

Other than that, what do I know about him?
His back of the lit mag bio: Jared Harel’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Tin House, American Poetry Review, The Threepenny Review, The Southern Review, Ecotone, and elsewhere. His poetry chapbook, The Body Double, was recently published by Brooklyn Arts Press. He lives in Astoria, and plays drums for the NYC-based rock band, The Dust Engineers.
He looks like this:
He is my newest FB Friend.
Just In – – – – his wife gave birth to a daughter.
My best to the entire, in not tired, family.

And I was going to start with Robert Lowell. . .Better luck next time Robert.

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