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Ink Damage and Other Permanent Stains

Resolutions Be Damned

Last year I sat with my friend, Jeanette, in the back booth of an iHop discussing resolutions and the coming year.  Later we would pen out resolutions for 2012.  Not a solitary one did I keep, and I have no regrets at all about my lack of fortitude or will power as it were.    This year i will not make any resolutions.  This year I will not define my life by a sheet of paper that points out my short comings like a red ink stain on white capris.

I  have decided this year to celebrate me a bit more.  I’m going to live as the day takes me and try to think of what in the day I did well, and just be glad for that.
new years resolutions

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2 thoughts on “Resolutions Be Damned

  1. Jeannette on said:

    That is so funny that you brought up last years breakfast resolution I was talking about that with my mom this morning. I was thinking of doing that again, unfortunately I had no money for a pancake breakfast. I was only able to pull off 2 out of the 4 resolutions that I listed and the 3rd out of 4 is a work in progress. I learned a lesson from you that day when you pointed out that resolutions are to better ourselves and to stop with the old bad habits. But you know what, I have to agree with what you have to say here, rather than penning down my shortcomings I will celebrate my life. As always I learn something from you… Now if I could only learn to write…Thanks 🙂


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