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While the rest of you are in Boston

While AWP attracts writers, editors, and word enthusiast to Boston, I sit here feeling not like much of a writer these days.  Or a damn poor writer who questions how she will so much as think about submitting as her laptop dies a slow and painful death in front of her daily.  I can hear its motor muffling its coughs the way a sick man uses a handkerchief attempting to hide how the truth from his daughter.  The specks of blood surface in the crumple handkerchief make it clear he is hiding nothing.  The daughter knows his days are number just as surely as he does.  So I am sad that when I can’t pull together the cash for a laptop, even after a tax return, that does more to mock me than help me, there is simply no way to find the money let alone time to make it to Boston.

San Pedro River Review

However as if San Pedro River Review knew I  would be sad and blue through this week, they sent me a copy of the Spring 2012 magazine.  Suddenly I’m not such a bad poet.  How could I be if  Jeffrey Alfier and  Tobi Cogswell saw it fit to include my poem, Abel, in their wonderful magazine.  I am so grateful.  Then to read the other poets and be awwed and impressed repetitively makes it all the better.  It is truly nie to be included  in a magazine with Ricki Mandeville, who I have spoken to at more than a few poetry readings, and truly admire.

At any rate.  Thank you so much Jeff and Tobi.

Here is where you can all get a copy of the magazine.

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3 thoughts on “While the rest of you are in Boston

  1. Two words: Google Chromebook. Reliable, cheap, and I’m still able to crank out all my good stuff.

    • Oh my god. I didn’t even know what a google chromebook was until I looked it up. Did it get you through Queens? I need something reliable for when they accept me. 🙂
      Yep that’s right, I have my transcripts, my personal statement, application filled out, now I’m waiting to a month before to ask for a recommendation and pull together a portfolio.

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