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The Disposable and Pit Bulls

Earlier today a friend mentioned an ill pit bull.  The owner, is beside herself, I am sure, as my assumption is that she loves her pit bull.  I assume many people love their animals, but it made me think about a pit bull that was not quite as loved.  Or maybe the owner loved his pit bull, Brooke, but the trade off was better.

Brooke was a beautiful blonde pit bull with a perfect stature, and strong as one can imagine from a well kept and often groomed pedigree.  She was also the happiest and kindest dog I have met.  I, of course, am not foolish enough to think she would not have defended her owner to her death, and anyone who had the audacity to harm him would have fallen into her perilous situation.  Even so, she would run down the hallway pulling her owner, Mike, along just to jump up on me and lick my face.  It was her goal in life to squash the stereotypes that plague her breed, correctly or not.

About the same time Brooke was bought by her owner, I got my cat, Batty.  Mike and I would discuss the joys of raising our “children”, and how we feared we were spoiling them (we were-she had a rhinestone encrusted pink collar, and batty had his name spelled out in rhinestones on his red collar).  We would let them play.  Yes, Brooke played with my huge black cat and never once did I worry about his safety as she was always gentle, even allowing Batty the dellusion of winning.

Five years ago, Mike informed me that he was moving from the condo as he girlfriend became pregnant and was now going to be his fiance. I was happy for him and Brooke, though I admit I would have missed her greetings far more than him.  Mike then continued that he would have no choice but to put Brooke down, the soon to be wife feared her child’s safety.  I was outraged, I wanted to take Brooke, save her from this fate, but there was no way I could, as at the time I was on dialysis.  Even if I had, the poor dog would have spent her whole life knowing that she had given her all to someone who just used her as a place holder.  She was there  only until he found better to love.  It must be the way an ex-wife feels when she sees her former husband marry the coed he was banging on the side while she  worked two jobs to get him through law school.

True the dismissal of loved ones comes to humans as often as animals, and as much as I would like to say I have not seen it or felt it, I can list far too many examples.  The adopted daughter a mother begged for forgotten when she learns she is pregnant two years later; an eldest son thrown out when he comes out for the father to shift his attention to the youngest; the lover who learns she was just filling the night as he  moved between the one he did love to the one he does love.. Yet this dogs betrayal stings a bit more painfully than others. Perhaps it’s that the dog, would never know she did nothing wrong.  Or that the dog’s willingness to give its life for her owner wasn’t enough.  Truly one of the only creatures that would have never turned on him.  Yes, he made the choice to follow his heart and go with his fiance and future child, but I often wonder if he regrets his decision.  Does he ever think back to Brooke when the wife is bitching about bills, and the child coloring on the walls.  Does he cringe inside when he remembers taking her to the vet and leading her into the back room, but never bringing her home.  Has anyone or anything every looked at him with such trust and unconditional love?  Will anything ever do so again?  Did he bother to keep her pink collar?



And now the cutest pit bull picture ever from tumblr

Picture 1


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