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Running Up That Hill~half way

Who knew I would have to make a deal with God, to complete the 30 day poetry challenge.  Awww Kate Bush, you aging prophet you, apparently your 80s epic was all   about me and this month.  Yes, I’m being presumptuous but as I struggle half way into this month I keep superimposing myself into the video where in tombstone-gray-ankle-length dress she contemporary dances herself fighting forward, fetal position rolling, jumping violently into the air, and proclaiming to attempt to make a deal with God.  And so I battle.  writhing angry, come on God, one more poem. . .just one more.  Then the next day it occurs again.

To make this more a struggle, several of the sites (I was using for prompts) have trailed off. I had 5 or so to go to and sift through until something sparked me.  And just incase the whole idea of writing a poem day was not enough of a challenge, I ended up in Vegas with no computer access, and became ill for over a week.  Real ill the kind that vomits, and ends up in Urgent Care.  So there we go.

And now I bid this blog goodbye, after all there is thunder in our hearts, a poem to write a hill to Run Up –Placebo Style-eerie and haunting as it all is.

Day 2-It’s Always Easy in the Beginning

So the first two days are down and as a writer that often waits for inspiration to pummel me in the head, I have to say, it is sort of refreshing to wake in the morning with a goal to get a poem out.  Again, this is day 2, and by day 6, it could be cumbersome and something I would have liked to do.

I have read the prompts on 30 Day Poetry Challenge and Litnivorous, and they have spurred me each day.  I’ve gone in a whole different direction, but isn’t that why we have prompts?  They start the flow and let your words go where they please.

Today was rather weird.  I heard that the Sari can be worn over 80 ways and it made me think of the song “80 ways to leave your lover” and somehow I bridged love to a Sari, hence todays poem.

Sari directions


I don’t know if every mind jumps around with that type of association pattern, or if it is just the creative in nature, but I know I do not see things the way others do, and I love the way I see.

Today’s poem is posted on my site for 30 poem site. I’m not sure that the site is working the way I thought, so if I might have to add a 30 day poem page here.  We shall see.

Try to check it out here.

Day 1 – 30 Day Poetry Challenge

And so it begins.  Day one, rather easy.  Ask me how easy it all is on day ten.

If you are so inclined to follow my progress or lack there of please add my top secret thirty thirty site here.

Poem one about love and a caprese panini.  How could it not be?



30 Day Poetry Challenge-Let’s Get Writing

April is National Poetry Month.
Why?  I don’t know, but I love it.
And in celebration we enter the 30 in 30 challenge.
Write 30 poems in 30 days.
Finding Prompts that truly inspire writing is always difficult, at least for me, and 30 days in a row, CRAZY.
But here are a couple of places to go if every now and then you need a little help to get along.
If you are on facebook, this is a Poetry challenge page.
30 Day Poetry challenge-First Prompt is up

Just an amazing site you should follow anyhow, but Writing Prompts here as well at Litnivorous.


Let’s Get Writing.

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