Denise R. Weuve

Ink Damage and Other Permanent Stains

Running Up That Hill~half way

Who knew I would have to make a deal with God, to complete the 30 day poetry challenge.  Awww Kate Bush, you aging prophet you, apparently your 80s epic was all   about me and this month.  Yes, I’m being presumptuous but as I struggle half way into this month I keep superimposing myself into the video where in tombstone-gray-ankle-length dress she contemporary dances herself fighting forward, fetal position rolling, jumping violently into the air, and proclaiming to attempt to make a deal with God.  And so I battle.  writhing angry, come on God, one more poem. . .just one more.  Then the next day it occurs again.

To make this more a struggle, several of the sites (I was using for prompts) have trailed off. I had 5 or so to go to and sift through until something sparked me.  And just incase the whole idea of writing a poem day was not enough of a challenge, I ended up in Vegas with no computer access, and became ill for over a week.  Real ill the kind that vomits, and ends up in Urgent Care.  So there we go.

And now I bid this blog goodbye, after all there is thunder in our hearts, a poem to write a hill to Run Up –Placebo Style-eerie and haunting as it all is.

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