Denise R. Weuve

Ink Damage and Other Permanent Stains

Was That a Whimper?

And so it ends, not with a bang or fireworks, but a long overdue sigh.  

National Poetry Writing Month has seen it’s time and like a wise old cat, has wondered off to die alone.  The real question how successful was this month for you?  Did each day bring you inspiration on the wings of doves?  Did you receive your 30 day chip to carry in your pocket as a reminder that it’s always a one day at a time victory?

Personally I am seeing this as a limited success.  Did I have an idea every day?  Pretty much, yes.  Did I write down my ideas? Yes.  Did I write a poem every day? No.  Were the poems I wrote good? Some.  So hence the limited success.   

Limited or otherwise, I think National Poetry Writing Month, overall is a success.  Thanks to small blogs, Linivorous, or larger venues 30 day poetry challenge, word was out a plenty.  I saw articles about poetry and the importance of the written word in our lives, our culture, our survival, in various venues, such as local papers, wide  publication papers, magazines, television, and heard it on radio stations both informational and entertainment.  So how could this month have not been a success?

So whether is was a 30/30 month, a 15/30 month, a 1/30 month, or a I-thought-about-poetry month, it was all good for the word.  Congratulations one and all.

And 2014 I will be taking you down like the chupacabra in a field of livestock.


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