Denise R. Weuve

Ink Damage and Other Permanent Stains

Goodbye, I’m Back

Today was the last day of the academic year.  This means that my life should open up to care about me again.  I doubt that will really happen, but I fantasy life is great.

The plan, as of Monday it is time to put my focus on getting into an MFA of choice.  Queens university, I’m coming for you!  it is also time to submit like i mean it.  I know it is not the season, but at some point you make every day your season, before you watch everyone else enjoy their own.

So as I go through and read the goodbye notes that my graduated Seniors wrote and Freshmen, and they are touching and somehow painful.  It appears that my class was their favorite part of the day (I know kids lie) but they also said I was funny, “real”, and that I listened to them and cared.  Which always puts me in awe.  I thought that was my job as a teacher, but I always do too much.  I can’t even imagine what the other teachers are like  as people let alone teachers, when they are surprised by the fact, that I do what I thought was my job.

Now back to my summer.  I am teaching summer school (as far as one can teach summer).  I plan on spending the first half of the day planning for Seniors next year, and the second half planning for me.   This is not going to be easy.  In any way.  But I have to for me.  I have said a 100 times I am going to focus on me, but that just never happens.  Why is that always so hard to do?

Step one, begin blogging again. . . Here we go

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