Denise R. Weuve

Ink Damage and Other Permanent Stains

2 Year Celebration (with special guest Bob Hicok)

If you love the written word, you read this.
If you are a poet you print it and drool over the line “In the beginning sand resembles a face”
BOB HICOK people!
And may I suggest you follow dVerse as well, if only for moments like this.


Ribbon. Streamers. Balloons. Neon. Fireworks. Pyow! Spssss! Clink! Yay! Woo!

Welcome to dVerse Poets everyone and pardon the mess…we are a little excited here…its our 2nd anniversary! Woohoo! This week, we have some very special things cooked up for you as part of our celebration. Tomorrow we have OpenLinkNight…

“Bri- don’t we do OpenLinkNight every week?”

‘Yes, we do, Claudia”

“What’s different?”

“Well it is our first one of the third year—and hopefully there will be some new poems. You have something for Wednesday, right?”

“Ah yes, Wednesday we have another publication contest.”

“Ooo, can you tell me more?”

“Nah, you will have to wait like everyone else.”

“And Thursday, Tony is doing a remix of any MeetingTheBar or FormForAll topic from the previous year.”

“I hear we might need a calculator for Saturday’s Poetics too.”

“Psst…I think we need to bring on our special guest for today as well…and…

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