Denise R. Weuve

Ink Damage and Other Permanent Stains

Day 9 – I Swear to Tell the Truth & Nothing but

I know you are an honorable person, but you’ve lied.  A white lie, “No you look great in that yellow bubble skirt. I haven’t thought about the sun once.”  So even if it’s hard for you to tell that tiny white lie, I want you to write a poem that is nothing but lies.  If a truth accidentally finds it way into your poem, erase it.  vigorously, with the strength to rip right through the paper (if on computer bang on the delete button to show your disapproval).

Need help starting. . . try these openers

  • I was born 4th in line for the throne Salisbury, I was breast fed the juice of ground steak
  • I floss my teeth everyday
  • the sidewalk parted as i ran from pharaohs
  • My mother stole me from the stars and hid me in her pocket for 27 years

Let’s see where a lie can take us.

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