Denise R. Weuve

Ink Damage and Other Permanent Stains

Day 15~Time to Crunch Some Numbers

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 6.14.23 AMYes, many will tell you how today marks the halfway point of 30 for 30.  If you are like me, you haven’t quite made the 1 per day mark.  I have written 10 out of the 15 and realized that’s 2/3rds.  Not bad, and about what I have left after the Tax Man Cometh in each of my paychecks.  This led me to the realization. . .today is TAX Day. Whether you completed your taxes long ago or are struggling to meet the midnight deadline, you will be hard press to not think of April 15th as Tax Day.  All this made me think we need a prompt about NUMBERS.  So here is the simple prompt:

Write a poem that is obviously about numbers.  That could be time.  It could be a list.  It could be a reflection of your age (tell me that isn’t a number)  Just write with numbers in mind.

Here is my sample from last year, graciously published by Poppy Road Review, “Countdown”.


Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 6.10.43 AM

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