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A Poet a Day!

Picture 2Tomorrow starts another National Poetry Writing Month, and well, I’m pretty giddy. Like many of my Poet readers I will attempt (and as history shows, fail) to write a poem a day. What I love about this month is the amount of Poetry we will find everywhere. I’m pretty sure poems will be posted to trees, in Laundromats, next to the green peppers in the produce section. There will be articles, prompts, and profiles on more websites than I knew existed. It will be a cornucopia of poetry and poetry styles.

Last year I was a part of the prompt game, making sure I posted a different one each day and even had weekend forms.  This year I want to do something a little different so I will spend the next 30 days profiling poem from poets I personally thing are amazing. The kind of poets that write poems I am jealous of. The kind of poets that make my heart beat to a new rhythm as I read their work.  Some of the poets I profile I will have had the great fortune to call friend, some I wish were my friend, and some will never be my friends in this life, but I’m sure they’re waiting for me and Poetry heaven.

So starting tomorrow I will begin posting a poem from a poet you may know, or introduce you to for the first time. The hope is you leave glad you stopped by to celebrate these poets with me.

See you tomorrow!

Poetry in Pasadena

On the 21st of March, Don KingFisher kindly invited me to Pasadena to read from my book, The Truck Driver’s Daughter.  He also video taped the feature, and you can now watch it below.  Many thanks to him and Pasadena for having me.

And Part 2

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